04 maio 2019

When the glue eats the traces of your expensive board...

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Hello everyone!

As I said in my youtube video...

Here you have the photos about the oxidation process on the HP/Agilent/Keysight/whatevernametheyareusingthisweek logic analyser boards

Please note: It happens mostly with 167xx boards, I have no guarantee it wouldn't happen on 165xx and 169xx boards.

First, these are the plastic rails of the boards

If you look at the side of the rails, on the junction of the glue with the PCB, you can notice small green dots

This is oxidation caused by the glue used in the rails, and can heavily damage your LA boards.

You must soak the adhesive in IPA, then pull the plastic rails with your hands and use more IPA to soak the remaining glue and scrap it with a plastic scrapper

Take care not to scrap SMD components along the glue. Guess how I know it? :o(

Or else...you'll have to play with your soldering iron and some (very) thin wire :(

Consider yourself lucky if this is your only problem. There are thousands of micro vias on board, and internal layers. If you get one of these corroded, you can loose your board forever.

Guess (again) how do I know it? :'(

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James disse...

Interesting, I didn't know this. Wondering if is an issue anywhere on the HP 166XX family of LA's?

James disse...

Thanks for sharing Alexandre!